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Ledyard Charter School implements educational programs and support services with creative, out of the box approaches that promote measurable and meaningful student growth and achievement. This educational experience, while wonderful, presents unique challenges. In New Hampshire, charter schools are public and funded by the state, but at a rate significantly lower on a per student basis than traditional public schools. In exchange for limited funding, charter schools are given the freedom to create unique missions or “charters” that embody the values of the school.


The LCS Board of Directors and staff are dedicated to fundraising, developing outside donors, writing grants, and applying for loans to ensure a successful future for our school and our students. All donations are used to further the education of our students, maintain our facilities, and provide healthy meals. We do a lot with our limited budget, but must still depend on family contributions, community fundraising, and volunteer support. 


Donations of any type are valuable. We've received donations of food, clothing, school supplies, and more. Ledyard Charter School is a non-profit public school and 501(c) 3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Every gift, large or small, makes a world of difference. Thank you!

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