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LCS Students working on a project

Ledyard Charter School

Our Story

The Story of John Ledyard
& how he forged his own path


        Sometimes we feel like we’re swimming against the current. Ledyard Charter School provides tools to get where you need to go, to prepare you for life. Our namesake, John Ledyard, took an unexpected path to determine the course of his journey. He built a dug-out canoe and paddled it down the Connecticut River. He explored the entire world. His life is a model for how you can reimagine and fulfill your own potential.


        Ledyard Charter School is a New Hampshire public high school of choice. Established in 2009, LCS offers students an individualized, experiential education program.  We actively engage students in a robust, personalized course of study, applying contemporary concepts, skills and dispositions to real world problems. Students who graduate from LCS earn a standard high school diploma. We also strive to support students in their transition into post-secondary life.

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