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Our Philosophy

Ledyard Charter School believes that all kids can learn and be successful in the right environment with academics to meet their needs. The mission of  LCS is to work with students who are seeking an alternative to the typical public high school experience. We guide our students to forge a new path for their lives; a path for success and a new hope for the future.

We value engagement, connection, self-advocacy, respect for self and others, and resilience. We view grades as guides for further growth and development; a gauge rather than a judgment.

We help our students become independent individuals capable of contributing to their community and society at large. We strive to support students as they navigate the workforce, relationships, successes and even failures. With failure comes learning and without the occasional hiccup no true growth is possible. We all make mistakes and at LCS we turn mistakes into opportunities for learning and change.

LCS provides an academic program to optimize intellectual growth and enable students to become independent, responsible, and employable citizens.

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