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Following are links to various items pertaining to Ledyard's Federal Grants:

School Report Card

FY23 Use of Funds ESSER


Grant Assurances:

F21 Program Assurances

F21 General Assurances 


Governor Chris Sununu has authorized the allocation and expenditure of $35 million from the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund (“flex funds”) to support families or individuals in need of housing assistance as a result of COVID-19. Of the allocated $35 million, $20 million will be initially expended, with $15 million being held in reserve, for rent stabilization and housing support.  For more information on this Program, please go to:

From 2019-2022, Ledyard Charter School was identified as a CSI school. Through this program, LCS participated in self-assessment surveys three times during these three years. These surveys were available to all stakeholders. The results of these surveys identified the following as the top priorities for CSI and ESSER funds to address

Proposed ESSER II & III Fund Uses

CARES-ESSER Grant Sub-Award Notification

CRRSA-ESSER II Grant Sub-Award Notification

ARPA ESSER III Grant Sub-Award Notification 

2020 Self-Assessment


CSI, Title I Part 1003(a), School Improvement:

2021 CSI Grant Sub-Award Notification

2020 CSI Grant Sub-Award Notification 

2021 CSI Progress Monitoring

2022 CSI Progress Monitoring 

CALL Survey Instructions 2019

Title V Part 2B:

Title VB Part 2 Grant Sub-Award Notification  

Title I Part A:

2021 Title 1 Part A Grant Sub-Award Notification 

2020 Title I Part A Grant Sub-Award Notification 

Title IV Part A:

2021 Title IV Part A Grant Sub-Award Notification

2020 Title IV Part A Grant Sub-Award Notification

Title II Part A:

2020 Title II Part A Grant Sub-Award Notification



 Following are links to various resources pertaining to COVID-19


COVID-19 Resources and Plans:

NH COVID-19 Overview Dashboard 

LCS Full Year COVID-19 Plan and Decision Making Matrix 

June 13, 2020 Education Committee Meeting Notes 

USDA COVID Questions

COVID Construction Plan 

Governor Sununu's Emergency Order #89, effective on April 19, 2021 

Ledyard's Full Year COVID-19 Plan and Decision Making Matrix, along with current County data


NH Division of Public Health Services Explanation of Public Health Monitoring and Movement Restriction Terms (published March 7, 2020)

LCS Protocol for Complying with COVID-19 -- Direct Instruction

April 7th Letter from NH Dept Health & Human Services for Family Well-Being 

Guide for Family Well-Being

Governor Sununu's Executive Order #17 - Closure of Non-Essential Businesses and Order for NH Resident to Stay at Home

Exhibit A to Executive Order #17

Dept of Education's Guidance Pertaining to Executive Order #17

March 25, 2020 Letter from John Higgins Regarding Remote Learning Days

How to Talk to Children about the Coronavirus (an Article posted by Harvard Medical School)

Talking to Teens and Tweens about the Coronavirus (an Article published by the New York Times)

NH Dept of Health & Human Services latest info on Coronavirus

Latest Information from the CDC on the Coronavirus

Letter LCS Students and Families from John Higgins, dated March 16, 2020

Letter to HACTC Students and Families from Doug Heavisides, dated March 17, 2020

Letter from NH Dept. of Education dated March 15, 2020


COVID-19 Emergency Orders

  • Emergency Order #3: All providers of electric, gas, water, telephone, cable, VOIP, internet service, and deliverable fuel services will be prohibited from disconnecting or discontinuing service for non-payments for the duration of the State of Emergency.


  • Emergency Order #4:  Landlords will not be allowed to start eviction proceedings for those unable to pay due to their financial situations. To do so would be against the law. All judicial and non-judicial foreclosure actions will also be prohibited during the state of emergency.


  • Emergency Order #5:  Individuals who are unable to work or who have reduced hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic will have immediate access to unemployment benefits. Anyone in the following situations will now be eligible for state unemployment: If your employer temporarily closes due to COVID-19; Individuals that need to self-quarantine or are directed to quarantine at the instruction of a health care provider, employer or government official; Individuals that need to care for a family member that has COVID-19 or is under quarantine; Individuals that need to care for a dependent because of school closures, child care facility closures or other similar types of care programs; Self-employed individuals that are temporarily unable to operate their business because of any of the above listed situations will also be eligible.

Individuals will need to file for each week of temporary unemployment and all of this can and should be done online at, or by calling . People can do all of this online from your home internet connection or your phone without ever having to go into a state office. The website to access is and the phone number to call is 603-271-7700.


Here is a link to Governor Sununu's Website for up-to-the-minute information:  Link to Governor Sununu's Website 


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