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Administration and Faculty

Our amazing team at LCS all work together to implement the policies, procedures and teaching philosophy at LCS. The Board of Trustees works in close relation to the administration and faculty as well. Click here to learn more about the LCS Board.

To contact our central office, please reach out to Jillian Conforti at 603-727-4772 or Another option is to complete our contact form.


Wendy Kozak
Executive Director

Mrs. Kozak has worked at LCS for 11 years; teaching English Language Arts and Fine Arts for six years, worked as the Curriculum Coordinator for three years, and now as the Executive Director. Wendy is a certified Arts teacher and is passionate about incorporating art, creativity, and problem solving into all areas of our curriculum.


Jillian Conforti
Administrative Assistant

Ms. Jillian started at LCS two years ago as our Academic Coach and moved into the role of Administrative Assistant last year. She is a friendly face for all students and always jumps at the chance to give a helping hand.

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Patrick Darley
Social Studies & English Teacher

Mr. Darley is teaching at LCS for his sixth year; he teaches History, Geography, Economics, Civics, English, Phys Ed, and Art. Patrick brings energy to everything he does and cares deeply about his students. 



Marianne St-Laurent
English & Art Teacher

Ms. St-Laurent has taught English, Health, and Art at LCS for five years and is dedicated to student learning and making sure all students are set up to succeed. She is kind and thoughtful.


Ali Heller
Science & Math Teacher

Mrs. H has taught Science, Math, English, Makerspace, Carpentry, and Phys Ed at LCS for four years and the time and energy she gives to her curriculum and her students is unmatched.


James Leavitt
Mathematics Teacher

Mr. Leavitt has taught Math for over 20 years and has been at LCS for five years. He is patient and works hard to make math engaging.​​


Jose Maldonado Jr.
Academic Coach

Mr. Maldonado has been with LCS for a year, helping students learn and maintain passing grades. He is great at helping students plan their post-secondary path.

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