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Section G: Personnel

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GA: Personnel Policies Goals
GBA: Nondiscrimination or Equal Opportunity Employment

GBAA (policy, exhibit): Sexual Discrimination, Harassment and Violence - Employees
GBB: Staff Involvement in Decision Making
GBCD: Background Investigation and Criminal Records Check
GBCD-R: Background Investigation and Criminal Records Check - Security Form
GBD: Board-Employee Communications
GBE: Staff Rights and Responsibilities
GBEA: Staff Ethics and Conflict of Interest
GBEA-A: Fraud or Corruption
GBEB: Staff Conduct
GBEB-A: Staff Conduct - Arrest of an Employee
GBEBA: Dress Code
GBEBB: Staff Conduct with Students
GBEBC: Staff Gifts and Solicitations
GBEC: Drug-Free Workplace
GBED/KFA/JICG: Tobacco Products Ban: Use and Possession in and on School Facilities and Grounds
GBEF: Acceptable Use - Staff
GBF: Staff Participation in Community Activities
GBG: Staff Welfare/Protection
GBGA: Staff Health
GBGD: Temporary Alternative Duty Policy
GBI: Staff Participation in Political Activities
GBJ: Personnel Records and Files
GBJ-A: I-9 Employment Verification Policy
GBJA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
GBK: Staff Concerns, Complaints and Grievances
GCA-B: Team Leader
GCB: Professional Staff Contracts
GCBA-A: Professional Staff Salary - Administrators
GCBA-B: Professional Staff Salary Schedule
GCBB: Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans
GCBD: Professional Staff Fringe Benefits
GCC: Professional Staff Leaves and Absences
GCCBC: Family and Medical Leave Policy
GCEB: Recruiting of Administrative Staff
GCEB-A: Administrative Staff Recruiting
GCEB-B:Professional Staff Recruiting - Posting of Vacancies
GCF: Professional Staff Hiring
GCF-A: Professional Staff Employment
GCG: Part-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment (Substitute Teachers)
GCG-A: Professional Staff Arrangements for Substitutes
GCH: Orientation of New Staff
GCI: Professional Staff Development Opportunities
GCNA: Supervision of Instructional Staff
GCO: Teacher Performance and Evaluations
GCQA: Instructional Staff Reduction in Force (RIF)
GCQC: Resignation of Instructional Staff Member
GCR: Non-School Employment by Professional Staff Members
GCS: Internet Publishing Standards
GDB: Employment of Non-Certified Personnel
GDBD: Support Staff Retirement Benefits
GDCA: Cumulative Sick Leave for School Secretaries
GDQ: Termination of Non-Certified Personnel

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