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Ledyard Charter School > Policies and Procedures > Section B: School Board Governance and Operations

Section B: School Board Governance and Operations

Documents will be available soon

BAAA: Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

BBA: School Board Powers and Duties

BBAA: Board Member Authority

BBBA: School Board Member Qualifications

BBBC: School Board Member Resignation

BBBD: Board Member Removal from Office

BBBE: Unexpired Term Fulfillment

BBBF: Derry Student School Board Members

BCA: School Board Member Ethics

BCB: Board Member Conflict of Interest

BCC: Appointed Board Officials - School District Treasurer/Clerk/Recording Secretary

BCEA: Board Liaisons

BDA: Board Organizational Meeting

BDB: Board Officers

BDFA: Fiscal Advisory Committee

BDG: School Attorney/Legal Service

BEA: Regular Board Meetings

BEAB: School Board Member Use of Electronic Communication Devices during School Board Meetings

BEB: Special School Board Meetings

BEC: Nonpublic Session

BEDC: Quorum

BEDG: Minutes

BEDH: Public Participation at School Board Meetings

BGA: Policy Development System

BGF: Suspension of Policies

BHBA: School Board Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops

BHD: Board Member Compensation and Expenses

BIE: Board Member Insurance

BJ: School Board Legislative Program

BK: School Board Membership

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